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Local Official Advisory Committee to TCEQ (LOAC)
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ARCIT's Local Official Advisory Committee to TCEQ


The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) Local Official Advisory Committee (LOAC) established by ARCIT provides advice and recommendations that assist TCEQ in developing a stronger partnership with local governments. This is accomplished through building State and local capacity to deliver environmental services and programs consistent with sustainable economic development. The ultimate goal of the LOAC is to provide the citizens of Texas with more efficient and effective environmental protection at the community and State level.

ESTABLISHED:March, 2006 from request of ARCIT membership

Up to 20 ARCIT local rural officials from cities, counties, economic development corporations, utility districts and engineers (Click here for a list of committee members)

MEETING FREQUENCY: Once a quarter with TCEQ in Austin or teleconference


Organizational TeleconferenceMarch 24,2006
Teleconference to finalize Top 5 Priorities for 2006April 13, 2006
Meeting with TCEQ Staff and TCEQ Chair to discuss Top 5 Priorities for 2006April 27, 2006
Teleconference with LOAC membersJune 29, 2006
Meeting with TCEQ Commissioner Soward to Discuss Top 5 Priorities for 2006August 7, 2006
Meeting with TCEQ to discuss Top 5 Priorities for 2006November 8, 2006
Meeting with TCEQ staff to discuss Statewide Environmental Project ModelsMarch, 2007
Teleconference with full committee to discuss LOAC 2006-07 Priorities being met by HB 147 and HB 149.*April, 2007

ARCIT's Annual Rural Summit in Austin. Vicky Rudy, ARCIT Board Member and LOAC Chair, facilitated the meeting. The LOAC recommended the 2007-08 Interim Priorities to the ARCIT Board

October 29, 2007
The ARCIT Board voted to approve the 2007-08 LOAC Priorities at the December 2007 Board meeting.

December, 2007
Meeting with TCEQ staff to discuss aerobic system maintenance, certificate of convenience and necessity,
ground water conservation districts, storm water phase II, sanitary control easements and source water

Teleconference/email updates on developing status of above identified issues - Fall, 2008
February 22, 2008

January - May, 2009 ARCIT staff will monitor rural environmental legislation and make the LOAC aware of any cumbersome legislation proposed.

January, 2009

ARCIT staff identified several pieces of legislation that would have been harmful to rural communities. The LOAC and ARCIT members responded with letters/faxes to their Senators/Representatives and the legislation was altered to no longer apply to rural communities.


Combined meeting with all 3 ARCIT advisory committeeswith guest speakers from Tx Department of Agriculture, Tx Dept of Housing and Community Affairs, Tx Dept of Rural Affairs, TX State Affordable Housing Corporation and TX Commission on Environmental Quality

January -May, 2009

October 28, 2009

Meetings through the year t to discuss 82nd Texas Legislature and TCEQ Sunset Recommendations2010
Met after 82nd Legislature several times to discuss TCEQs new rural ombudsman position and its role as a rural policy advocate within the agency2011
Meetings through the year to discuss 83rd Texas Legislature and environmental rural challenges the legislature may address. Water shortage was identified as the #1 issue for rural communities and ARCIT board voted to make it the main priority for environmental policy advocacy2012-2013
Meeting planned for March 2014 for the advisory committee to begin discussion of interim priorities and interaction with interim committees relating to the water shortage2014
If you are interested in applying to serve on ARCIT's Local Official Advisory Committee to TCEQ,
complete the Advisory Committee Application and fax or mail to ARCIT staff.

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